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A Better Mind. A Better Life

Featured in The Day Newspaper of New London, CT


Better Mind Meditation is a meditation studio located in Coulmbia CT. An alternative mental health service with a  certified Meditation and Mindfulness Teacher & Guidance Teacher. Practicing meditation and mindfulness for over 12 years & guidance teacher for 3. Studies in Mindfulness Base Stress Reduction, Reiki practice, and mindfulness discussions. *EMPSR Pat pending. Countless individuals have shared reviews of their experience and have seen improvement in their mental health, focus, stress levels and sleep in little as one 1.5 hour session. Targeting the core issue quickly while also creating forms of nurture in the process help you see improvements quickly. Take a chance on yourself and let me be your guide.

We believe that everyone should have a safe environment in expressing themselves in a healthy manner. This is your safe space. lets come together and dive into ourselves and discover the mysteries that lay bury beneath the surface.

💠 About Ashlin

Beginning her meditation journey at the age of 20, business owner and entrepreneur Ashlin has endured life's hardships through its many lessons. As the years have passed, she has learned to develop her skills as life unfolds in front of her. Naturally empathetic articulate, and conscious, Ashlins abilities to connect with others on a deep, conscious level have resulted in others feeling more connected with themselves, helping them to develop awareness and inner peace.

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Services Offered

Mindfulness and Life Coach services offered. Lets find what best fits your needs!. 🌈LGBTQ+ Friendly. Description of services below.

Please contact for pricing. People with low income contact for support options

better mind meditation connecticut

**Offering online video session through Google Meeting or Whatsapp - let's help create a better mind for inner peace and relaxation. 
Offering a unique way to experience meditation.

Using a technique I created called EMPSR. -EMPSR stands for emotional mental physical stress reduction. I use this meditation and mindfulness technique to help relax the body while discussing any worries,anxieties, stress, depression, or habitual/rapid thoughts. My EMPSR technique helps change negative thought patterns and beliefs. A guided meditation such as body scan,walking meditation, breathing meditation is also used to relax and calm the mental and emotional state. Doing this also promotes forms of nurturing that relieves stress, anxiety and depression. For people that need more physical relaxation while also experiencing the mental and emotional relaxation will be directed to try the EMPSR touch tranferance technique I also created. This is where you'll lay on your back, and experience a small guided meditation and breathing exercise. I then focus on the shoulders,arms hands, knees and down the leg, scalp, neck and forehead, where most muscle tension is stored. Once muscle tension is removed I focus on removing the emotional and negative blockages that were stored in the knots. Using another guided meditation, I remove these emotional blockages and use positive affirmations through touch to bring in a better mind set. Not only will you feel restored, you will feel more relaxed and in a better state of mind body and emotional state.

🔹️The Teacher


Ashlin Emerson


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Cat/Comfort Companion

Hours Of Operation

Schedule a session with me today!

Monday-Thursday 10am-7pm

Friday-Saturday 10am-6pm

Sunday- Closed

Better Mind Meditation connecticut

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 Veterans and students receive 10% discount. Sessions are charged by the hour. Scheduling earlier or later than business hours will be subjected to an early bird or a late birdie fee. Serious inquires only. Cancelation fees/ same day fees apply.

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🧘‍♀️Feedback & Review🧘

I respect that some would like to remain anonymous. All testimonials are direct from clients. Names may have been changed to protect identity.

better mind meditation

Jackson - CT 

"If anyone has to choose a professional for meditation, Ashlin is the right person. I wasn't really too sure about it until we met in person and she had already given off amazing energy, I was still shy towards her because I wasn't really that open to others. She made me feel comfortable like I was talking to a lifelong friend, when she says she'll build up your courage, she means it and I don't regret going back for another appointment. She's kept it 100% professional and makes time go by so quick with conversations, we got so deep in talking one time, 2 hours had felt like 20 minutes. I also forgot how stressful life is when I'm with her as well, she's an awesome person overall. I recommend 1000%"

better mind meditation

Rachel Gravel- CT

"Ashlin has a positive and calming presence. Her guided meditation put me at ease and cleared the path to open up. With empathy and insight she helped me process a breakup, explore my lesbian identity, and develop strategies for just one session! I appreciate her approach and am definitely going back."

better mind meditation

Shevrolet-  CT

"I had my very first session with Ashlin. She is very funny, kind and understanding. I had a great experience. She's easy to talk to and very professional. I learned a lot about myself because of her. I would definitely recommend her."

better mind meditation

Justine H.

"When I first met Ashlin I felt like I was suppose to ask her, “Do I know you?” - that’s how approachable Ashlin is. Ashlin makes moments of stress completely evaporate and I find myself jumping out of body and leaving my old body behind like having a worn out superheroes suit. Ashlin is one of most authentic, caring and relaxed persons you will ever meet. You will be in the greatest hands ever, literally."


Wayne T

Ashlin is incredible at what she does.  As someone who suffers a TBI due to an IED explosion, as well PTSD, I was both curious and nervous about my session.  It did not take long for me to relax into the meditation.  Ashlin is very good at reading people, and she was able to put me at ease relatively quickly, something I am not at all used to.  After nearly a week since my session, I still feel more relaxed than I have in years.  I have every intention to go back, and i would recommend Ashlin to any veteran who suffers from similar conditions to my own.

better mind meditation


"Ashlin is the first person I've seen about my stress and anxiety, and I don't think I could've chosen a better person. Between the relaxtion techniques, and how soothing sessions are with her, I've had a huge change inside of myself. She's helped me realize that I control the way I feel, not the world around me. I'm able to keep better control of myself when things I used to find stressful arise, and because of this new mentality, my days have just been better in general. My outlook on things have changed for the better, and I have Ashlin to thank."

better mind meditation

Bob s

"I read the reviews about Better Mind Meditation and the work Ashlin did with a few Veterans so I texted. Ashlin was quick to reply and I was able to see her that day. The session was excellent. Ashlin first got info about me and my background. Then came time for meditation and breathing techniques. Ashlin is easy to talk with and a great coach. I will definitely repeat and looking forward to my next session. I left very relaxed and with new techniques to use for stressful situations."

🤝Get in Touch

Questions, comments and Scheduling. Please give a call, email or text. 
Disclosure* - I understand some have allergies; I want everyone who contacts me to be aware I do have a cat.
DISCLAIMER- Must politely yet firmly request you do not ask for services beyond those offered on this website. Thank you. 

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Columbia, CT 06237, USA


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